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Drill Machine

It is generally use for making holes in wood, iron, concrete and also for screwing purpose Available in 10mm & 13mm with variable speed and reverse forward direction

Hammer Machine

It is generally use for borings holes in Cement Slab, Rocks, Concrete Walls, its more power full than the normal drill machine. Various Machine are available 2-20 & 2-26 Hammer Drill Machine, Demolition Hammer Machine


There are various kind of blade available with us for cutting wood, aluminum, concrete marble & iron cutting, TCT Blades for Wood, Aluminum Diamond Turbo & Cut Blade for Concrete and Marble Cutting, Cut Of Wheel of Mild Steel Cutting

HSS Drills

The general purpose of HSS Drills are for making holes in Metals, Alloys & Wooden Surface


It is mostly use for the dusting purpose


It is mostly use for Grinding, Polishing, and Finishing purpose, Sander Disc, Grinding Wheel, Flap Disc

Angle Grinder

It is mostly use for Grinding, Polishing and Cutting of Metals, Wood, Aluminum


We have variety of holesaws for drilling in Metals, Wood & Marble, TCT Holesaw, Bi-Metal Holesaw, HSS Holesaw, Wood Holesaw & Diamond Core Bits for Marble

Heat Gun

It mostly use for melting Plastic and for removing Sunmica from Furniture